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Struggling to find the perfect gift for a loved one? If they own a boat, then there are plenty of options out there that you might not have thought of! From cutting-edge technology to nifty tools, sailing gifts can make life on the water much easier and are bound to make the recipient happy. Check out our top boating gifts below, with something to suit all budgets.

Under £50

Sealskinz Super Thin Pro Waterproof Socks, £38

Everyone loves the gift of socks - but these aren’t your average pair. Expertly developed for performance wear, the lightweight socks are 100% waterproof with Hydrostop seal technology to keep out moisture so feet stay comfortable and dry.

Chums Floating Keychain, £7

Made from foam-filled neoprene (think wetsuit material), these floating keyrings make sure your keys don’t sink to the bottom of the ocean should they go overboard. The brightly coloured fobs can hold up to 40g, which is the equivalent of around 3 keys, or attach them to sunglasses, pocket-knives - anything you don’t want to lose!

Yachting World subscription, from £16.99

Perfect for someone who can’t get enough of sailing, a subscription to Yachting World delivers a monthly dose of the latest news on worldwide cruising events and racing, destination guides and in-depth reviews of new equipment and must-have tech. Available as either a print or digital publication, it’s ideal if you’re a little last minute!

Mighty Mug, from £15

Spillages onboard are avoidable thanks to this ingenious travel mug. Using patented Smartgrip technology, it’ll withstand tumultuous waves and stay locked onto any flat surface through accidental knocks. And it’s easy to lift up whenever you need a sip - ideal for keeping all hands on deck!

Yacht Were You Thinking? An A-Z of Boat Names Good and Bad, £9.99

If you know anyone that owns a boat, then you’ll know just how important it is to get the name right. This witty book by Jonathan Eyers offers wise advice, fascinating anecdotes and a little bit of history, creating a thoroughly enjoyable read that any skipper (or would-be skipper) will love. Every name you can think of is in here in a comprehensive A-Z, from classic sea-related puns to mythological classics..

TackingMaster device, £53

For performance sailing, the TackingMaster is an essential tool to help make it easier to understand and visualise wind changes. The navigation device combines with any compass to create a visual of the main bearings with a wind shift indicator. A must-have gadget for performance sailing enthusiasts to make racing a breeze.

Personalised Sundial Compass, £89.95

Really push the boat out (excuse the pun) with this impressive ornament that would look perfect sat atop the deck helm. Made in Britain, the fully-functional compass features a unique sundial detail and is presented with a solid lid that can be engraved with a message of your choosing for an extra-special touch.

Sea-Tag wristband, £77

The Sea-Tag wristband makes boating life safer with a trigger system to send alerts if the wearer should fall overboard. Through continuous phone connectivity, it transmits a signal to a paired device, which will be disrupted if the band is fully immersed in water. The co-ordinated app will then provide real-time updates of the heading and distance to the last known location of the band. It’s great for kids and pets too!

ENO Double Nest Hammock, £69.99  

A hammock probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when searching for the perfect boat gift, but there are plenty of places to hang one on most vessels. What could be better than lazily rocking away with nothing but blue sky and calm sea around you? The ENO hammock is convenient and clever, crafted from lightweight, durable parachute material. A hammock is also a traditional sea-sickness remedy of sailors, as gravity balances your body’s sense of equilibrium to counteract rough water!

Under £500

Astra Esa Smart Watch, from £311

This one’s for sailors with a penchant for technology! The Astra Esa is the first smartwatch especially designed for sailing, allowing the wearer to see real-time data such as speed and polar targets at a glance with built-in GPS for autonomous use. It also features full Android capabilities with a SIM card for phone calls and texts, ideal for keeping hands free when on the move and up on the rig.

Yeti Hopper Portable Cooler, £280

An ice cold drink is an essential on any boating trip and this impressive cool bag blows away all the competition. It’s pricey, but worth it - the DryHide Shell is incredibly strong yet still flexible for easy storage when not in use, while still keeping ice for days on end. It’s also 100% leakproof and the soft shell makes sure it’s not a hazard while on a moving vessel. Holding up to 24 cans, the cooler is practically a mandatory requirement for any long weekend out on the water!

Leatherman Tread Metric Wearable Multi-tool, £169.95

For someone that’s always fixing and tinkering, the Tread Metric is another tool that’s been carefully engineered with convenience and functionality in mind. Made from stainless steel, it features 17 bracelet links with 29 different tools including screwdrivers, wrenches and torx. The innovative design allows for customisation with interchangeable links to suit individual needs and wrist size - there’ll be no need to go rummaging for your tool box in a hurry!

LEMON Waterproof Solar Powered Speaker, £239

Small yet powerful, the LEMON ‘California Roll’ speaker is the world’s first solar-powered wireless speaker. For boaters, it’s the perfect companion - it’s waterproof IPX7 meaning it can withstand submersion for up to 30 minutes and fully floatable, with 15 hours playback from just 7 hours of sunlight. The sound quality is deep and immersive whilst the shockproof device itself only weighs 780g. Plus, you can use it to charge up to three other electronic devices with the integrated power bank!

Garmin inReach, £399.99

The Garmin inReach is a portable device that uses the world’s farthest reaching satellite technology to send and receive messages to other mobiles, track journey routes and send SOS alerts to a 24/7 monitoring service should you need help - with 100% global coverage and zero blackout zones. It allows the user to share their progress via the MapShare app, so it’s an excellent choice for helping keep communication going, especially for lone travelers, wherever their boating adventures take them.