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Fun Activities for Kids on the Water

Fun Activities for Kids on the Water

It’s a well known fact that kids get bored pretty easily, but there’s plenty of ways that you can have fun on the water, making sure they enjoy being on it just as much as you do.


Supposedly, if a child doesn’t love fishing or boating by the age of thirteen, they’re not likely to take up either sport. So make sure that while they’re impressionable, you make their water experiences memorable for all the right reasons!

 1. Fishing

Casting a line can be fun for all ages! Let them observe you fishing or pick up a kids’ rod set, which comes complete with a hook, line, sinkers and bobbers to make it as easy as possible. Small quarry hang about under docks and piers or around logs at embankments all-year-round, perfect for first-time fishers.

 2. Watersports

There are tons of watersports activities that will keep your children pre-occupied for hours. As an introduction for smaller kids, try paddling with kayaks or boards along shorelines. For the thrill-seekers, water-skiing and wakeboarding are top of the list for a knuckle-bearing tow ride. There are also various-sized deck tubes and inflatable rafts that are great fun for groups.

 3. Firework Displays

Kids love the magic of fireworks and there’s nothing more picturesque than docking up in a marina and watching a display, made all the more stunning with the reflections on the water. Plenty of harbours put on spectacular displays regularly, or when it’s a special occasion like New Year’s Eve or Bonfire Night, watching them from the deck of your boat is sure to enchant any kids on board.

4. Beach bonfires

Especially when you’ve kept kids cooped up on a boat for a long time, it’s a good idea to make a special excursion onto land. Make an adventure of it and travel to shore via a dinghy in the evening to a beach, where you can kindle a bonfire, toast marshmallows and share stories. A night to remember for little ones!

5. Wildlife spotting

Whether you’re sailing down the Thames or rowing across Lake Windermere, there’s plenty of wildlife to spot. Make checklists for kids to tick off as they go, or a competition for who can spot the rarest or most unusual creature. From birds like Marsh Harriers, Herons and Kingfishers, to otters, dolphins and ducks, there’s an array of marine-based life to learn about depending on where you go.