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Is your beloved boat in need of a makeover? Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve taken it out on the water and it’s looking a little tired. Alternatively, you might have purchased your dream boat that just needs a little fixing-up before you start your sailing adventures.


From the paintwork, to the sails, to rust, decking, lighting and everything else that comes with boating, there will come a time when it requires some TLC. Keeping up with boat maintenance can also save you money in the long run!

Restoring your boat doesn’t have to be a chore, there are plenty of great hacks to ease the process…


#1. Clean, clean, clean!

OK, this may sound a little redundant when you’re about to give your boat an entire makeover, but it allows you to see exactly what you’re dealing with. Cleaning everything first from top to bottom will help you to structure a plan of how you’ll begin the restoration process as well as give you an estimation of how long the work will take to complete.


#2. Begin with a plan

Don’t jump into anything without having a well-thought-out plan of what needs to be done. A plan ensures nothing gets forgotten about and keeps the process organised. Rushing into anything could potentially cause further problems later down the line, making the whole restoration project take much longer then expected.


#3. Washing powder

Maybe one you didn’t expect to see, but washing powder is actually great for cleaning your boat’s hull. From oil rings, dark colouring and any other marks that may have previously proved to be stubborn, washing powder works like a dream. With the hull being a part of the boat that can’t avoid water, it’s great to always keep some washing powder in the cupboard for tough stains.


#4. White vinegar

Another odd ingredient to add to your list, but white vinegar mixed with water is great for giving your fabric a new life. With a soft brush, apply the mix onto your fabric and watch any mould and odours disappear. Perfect for refreshing tired seat cushions and curtains!


#5. Buff, Buff, Buff!

Older boats have a tendency to look powdery and this is due to natural oxidation that occurs from the fibreglass. The oxidized layer can easily be removed with a low-speed buffer - remember, this will only remove the chalk-like layer. Finish with a new coat of wax to create a fresh look.