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There’s a lot to keep on top of when owning and maintaining a boat, and servicing safety equipment is one of the most important but oft-forgotten aspects. If you own a vessel with an electric start, electric motors, battery, gas or fuel stoves, safety regulations require you to have a fire extinguisher onboard at all times.


As well as regularly checking the fire extinguisher to ensure it’s in good condition, it will have an expiry date listed by the manufacturer. Generally, a fire extinguisher should work for five to fifteen years, depending on the make and size. But how do you know when it’s due to expire? It’s unlikely that you’d remember years down the line when you purchased it.


How to know when your fire extinguisher is going to expire?

MyBoat is an online digital organiser that will send you reminders whenever a piece of equipment needs replacing or servicing. Specifically developed for boat-owners, the easy-to-use portal keeps all your important boating information in one place that can be viewed across all devices for on-the-go access.


All you need to do is input the date of when you need to replace your fire extinguisher and when the time comes, you’ll receive a helpful email reminder and notifications on your personal dashboard. It’s completely customisable, allowing you to add multiple pieces of equipment such as lifejackets, flares or first aid kits, and if you have more than one vessel you can create individual profiles for each.


MyBoat will also remind you when your insurance is due for renewal! Plus, GJW Direct customers will unlock access to over 100 exclusive discounts on holidays, equipment and more. With a customisable dashboard, you’ll be kept up-to-date with all the latest news and weather direct to your device.


How to sign up to MyBoat:

  1. Gather up your boating documents, insurance and equipment receipts.
  2. Create an account and input when items are due for renewal, then set email preferences.
  3. You’ll then receive reminder notifications in advance of when items need renewing, servicing or updating.


Sign up for free now!