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Whether you’re on a flexible, come-and-go monthly contract or locked-in for an allocated time, it can be difficult to keep track of when you’re due to renew your berthing contract. Failure to renew could result in costly fees, a loss of your specific berth in the marina or, if you’re planning on moving elsewhere, you generally need to give notice to avoid your contract from auto-renewing.


So how can you keep on top of your berthing contract documentation and know when you need to take action? The solution is MyBoat - the UK’s only free boating reminder service. The easy-to-use portal serves as a digital organiser for all of your boating documentation, providing helpful reminders when anything from your berthing contract needs updating to maintenance alerts for safety equipment.


Up until now, you’ve probably been storing all of your documents on-board your vessel, where it’s prone to getting damp and unreadable, or what happens in a worst-case scenario that your boat sinks? MyBoat keeps everything in one place, offering a safe and secure record of insurance policies, boat registration details and more, with the option to create multiple profiles if you own more than one vessel.


As well as this, the MyBoat dashboard features local weather updates and news articles to help keep you up-to-date, with a customisable interface that lets you choose what you want to see. You can even tailor it to your own sailing club or marina for a bespoke experience. The portal is mobile-friendly, making it easy to use on-the-go across all your devices.


Plus if you’re a GJW Direct customer, creating a MyBoat account will unlock over 100 exclusive discounts from some of the leading companies in the marine industry, including on boat maintenance, chandlery gear and holidays.


It’s quick, free and easy to signup: all you need is your documents and any receipts for equipment to hand. Once you’ve inputted all of your information onto our secure server and set up notifications, we’ll get in touch with an email reminder whenever something needs servicing or renewing. And in the meantime, you can use MyBoat to find out your local shipping forecasts, wind speeds and visibility to make your next sailing trip a breeze.