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Owning a boat is all well and good until you get yourself in a mess with the paperwork, keeping organised and on top of things is the secret to a stress-free sail. Not only does this make your life easier but it helps to keep on track of bills and other important documents.

There are some key signs to help determine whether you need to declutter. Begin by asking yourself...


Have you missed a scheduled meeting with a dealer? - OK, this could be for a legitimate reason, maybe there was a family emergency. But if it’s the classic case of you were running late or you just simply forgot, you should ask yourself why.


  • Why were you running late? Was it because you overslept? Or could you not find all the necessary documents for your meeting.
  • Why did you forget? Did you double book with someone else? Maybe you didn’t write it down and therefore had no reminder.


Do documents keep vanishing? - Misplacing the one off sheet of paper is one thing, but once it becomes a recurring problem, something needs to be done. If you have your own business and have lots of other documentation, it’s important to keep everything separate from each other. Especially if your business involves being responsible for confidential information.


Do you feel overwhelmed and/or stressed? - Do you ever get the feeling that your head is about to explode because you have too much information to remember? This is a key indicator that you need to declutter.


Are you running out of places to put stuff? - Once you run out of space, papers get misplaced and mixed up with other documents and things start to disappear.


So, what are the next steps to help you get organised?


There are some great solutions to help you keep your boating life organised and separate to your other documentations. MyBoat, powered by GJWDirect is the answer you’ve been waiting for. It manages all your boating paperwork and keeps it all safe and in one place. Enable your notifications and receive alerts on an easy-to-use organiser, reminding you when your boat insurance is up for renewal and other important events.


As a bonus, you’ll also receive amazing discounts on boat maintenance and holidays as well as be kept up to date with latest boating news and weather.