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Especially if you’re new to boating, getting started can be quite overwhelming. It can take a while to get your head around all the the rules and safety precautions, then you’ll want to make sure your boat is fully kitted out with all the latest gadgets and accessories.


Obviously the important stuff should take priority, but once you’re all sorted in that department, you can begin to focus on the exciting stuff... which inflatable are you going to purchase - the pizza slice or flamingo? Which high-tech gadget will help you best identify the exotic creatures of the deep blue?

Trying to find the best of the best marine accessories may not be as easy as first thought, but we have picked out a few of our favourites to help give you a little head start...


#1 An Underwater Camera

The depths of the of the ocean are full of beautiful creatures and exotic life that aren’t easily visible - however being a boat owner gives you exclusive access to all things wonderful. With a good quality underwater camera such as the Pro 4 High Definition (HD) Camera, you’ll be able to see the underwater world in a whole new way. Drop anchor and get diving!


#2 LED Underwater Lighting

For those who have a passion for fishing, you might benefit from LED underwater lighting. High-spec models not only allow you to fish in the night time by lighting up the water below, but they also attract the fish so that they swim towards the light. The Aqualuma 12 Series, powered by either 12 to 24 volt, illuminates the water like no other, perfect for larger boats.


#3 LED Speaker

Why just play music? An LED speaker is a must-have gadget, producing both light and music, ideal for adding an extra bit of fun to your boat parties. The Fusion Signature 10” 450 WATT Sports Chrome Marine Subwoofer features dual-colour diffused LED lighting options and a fibreglass-paper composite cone, perfect for low frequency acoustics.


#4 Action Camera

Whilst on your voyage, you might enjoy some fun on the waves. An action camera allows you to make every moment a memory, capturing any activity you do, whether it’s sailing, swimming, water sports or anything else that you enjoy doing! The GoPro Hero Action Camera is waterproof up to 10m, meaning you don’t have to worry about damaging it and losing your holiday photos and videos.


#5 Hand and Feet Warmers

Boating can get quite chilly, even when visiting the hottest of countries! That sea breeze can come on fast, especially when the sun goes down, so keeping warm is key. Thankfully, Hot Hands have produced little heat packs especially for our hands and feet. Put them in your socks or inside your gloves and they’ll instantly generate heat!


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