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You can’t beat the streets of Barca for an evening or two, it’s a city full of rich culture and incredibly detailed architecture. And once the sun goes down, the city is brought to life with its world class restaurants, exclusive rooftop bars and of course, the vibrant, don’t-stop-dancing-until-the-sun-comes-up clubs.

The uniqueness, quirkiness and excitement of the city really represents its character and make Barcelona the place to be in 2018.

We’ve picked out the best of Barca’s exclusive hotspots where you can sit back, have a drink and watch the world go by. Your Spanish sail will be the finest yet...

#1 Icebarcelona

For a truly unique experience, try out Barcelona’s Icebar, with ice glasses, ice seats, ice everything, it’s a great place to really chill and relax. The best part about this icebar? It sits on the beach, ensuring incredible views and the surreal experience of being surrounded by ice whilst watching the sun setting upon the horizon. There’s no better way to cool off!


#2 Espit Chupitos

Meaning shots in Spanish, this bar is where you need to be, with over 600 different creations of shots and cocktails. Espit Chupitos is all about flavour, a few examples include:

  • The Willy Wonka - a chocolate combo of liquor and an actual chocolate bar
  • The Boy Scout - a delicious drink topped with a roasted marshmallow


#3 Ohla Boutique Bar

Situated within the Ohala Hotel, the Ohala Boutique Bar really shows off the stunning views of Via Laietana Avenue. For a sophisticated evening, alongside some of Barcelona’s finest clientele, you’ll enjoy an exquisite meal in their Michelin star restaurant and finish with a dip in their rooftop pool to really wind down.


#4 Dry Martini

Referred to as iconic in the cocktail world, this bar is celebrating it’s 40th birthday this year! The stylish, chic bar is renowned for sophistication and class as it opens its doors to an array of Spanish socialites. Dry Martini also serve a Tapas Menu, allowing you to relax into the evening, sipping on five star cocktails whilst enjoying the taste of traditional Spanish delicacies.


#5 Eclipse Bar

26 floors high, you’ll sit and watch over the skyline of Barcelona as it gets ready to come alive for the evening festivities. The modern interior and plush decor create a slick, stylish viewing spot of the deep blue. Whether you prefer an exotic cocktail or a classic G&T, your evening will be complete with the hypnotic beats of the talented DJs.


Is Barcelona your next stop? If it wasn’t, we bet it is now! Who would want to miss out on these exclusive bars?