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Wine can tell you a whole story of a region, its climate, the culture of its citizens, and their tastes and ingenuity. And some of the most beautiful places you’ll ever visit are the exquisite vineyards and enchanting hillsides of a wine region.


There are lots of beautiful wine regions that sprinkle the coast just waiting to be discovered. Here are our favourites…

Catalonia, Spain

Catalonia has many hours of sun, even in the winter, which makes it especially favourable to growing vines. Catalonia has many attractions for tourism in its wine regions - trips to wineries, vineyard walks, festivals, wine tasting and food and wine pairing classes. There are 10 designated wine regions in Catalonia and they stretch for around 90 miles to the north and to the south of Barcelona, along the coastline and as many miles inland. Catalonia is also known for its production of cava, the sparkling wine of Spain.


Santorini, Greece

Santorini is home to the oldest vineyard in Europe, producing extraordinary crisp white wines and sweet dessert wines. For a truly unforgettable experience (and taste!) join Santorini Wine Adventure Tours, ran daily by highly experienced Greek Enologists and inclusive of an intimate culinary experience.


The Balaton Region

Not exactly on the coast, but the Batalon Region in Hungary is definitely worth a trip. The stunning scenery around Lake Balaton is the perfect backdrop to enjoy a delicious glass of Hungarian wine in.


Istria, Croatia

Croatia’s biggest peninsula and its natural features - position, soil, climate and relief - make it the perfect location for growing high-quality grapes. Istria’s landscape is breathtaking. Edged by turquoise sea and dotted with wild flowers, wooded hillsides and olive grovers. If making a trip to this unique wine region, be sure to sample Istria’s famous sentenced white truffles, which are perfect when shaved over pasta or added to olive oil.


Provence, France

Wine has been made in the Provence region for at least 2,000 years, making it the oldest wine producing region of France, and today it’s known predominantly for it’s rose wine, though some wine critics believe that the region’s best wines are the spicy, full-flavoured reds. The region is blessed with plenty sunshine, warm days and cool evenings, perfect for many varieties of grapes to grow.